PROJECT 1000 | Shanti Seva Nidhi Trust

Our Unique Points

We have the much-needed SUSTAINABILITY Super Power

PROJECT 1000 takes immense pride in being firmly rooted in the soil of sustainability when it comes to being a developer of handcrafted Home and Lifestyle products. Along with this, we endeavour to popularise sustainable living. In recent years we have witnessed multiple natural disasters and epidemics, including the COVID pandemic. This puts the spotlight on saving the environment if we wish to save ourselves and the generations to come.

In light of the above thought, we are mindful from the beginning; starting with the raw materials and the concept of Upcycling. This approach not only supports our ideology and mission but helps create our vibrant and colourful range of handwoven products.

  1. All our Raw Material is Hosiery Fabric Yarn which is salvaged from our fabric knitting and processing unit and is certified by BCI & GORTEX, Higg Index and Cotton USA.
  2. All the fabric yarn we use is either 100% natural cotton or Functional (a combination of fibres from cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled pet bottles, etc).
  3. Some of the fabric has been processed using 100% Natural Herbal Dyes.
Furthermore, we aim to popularise sustainable living by creating products which have multiple uses. This makes it easier for any customer to REUSE products in different ways instead of indulging in their quick disposal. We look to minimise if not eliminate wastage as much as possible. We look to create value for the the customer who purchases our products and firmly believe that this would be the first step towards achieving zero wastage.

Weaving Process

  • In-house developed portable wooden looms are used for weaving all products. These can be taken home for the work-from-home system.
  • Intensive two-month training program focusing on weaving techniques, design and quality control.
  • Active innovation in the weaving process.
  • Active innovation in product development. New products are launched on a monthly basis.
  • All techniques are strictly zero mechanisation.
  • We are an Indian government certified Handloom weaver and all products carry the individual QR coded labels from the Textile Ministry.

Social Awareness

  • Our project develops the skillsets of backcountry women leading to GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT and working towards Poverty Alleviation.
  • Build socially and psychologically healthier communities by providing work security, thereby generating a positive economy.
  • Continuously mentor and induct new members from the Rural community into the program.
  • Encouraging communal harmony among our weavers who come from different parts of the country and are from different backgrounds. We are a melting pot of multiple Indian cultures.
  • Regular Boot Camps on soft skill training, and technical knowledge up gradation.
  • Revive therapeutic crafts like weaving and crochet which help in dealing with stress and other psychological issues.
  • People-friendly work environment. Spacious and clean workshop, clean sanitation, workfrom-home facilities and flexible working hours.
  • Encourage customers to support small businesses that empower rural artisans.
  • Our entire messaging focuses on environmental consciousness, reuse and recycling.
  • Holding live demos of the weaving and crochet on-site, at events and wherever possible.
  • We endeavour to popularise sustainable living.
  • We are able to provide accommodation for the very vulnerable and needy girls and women after a thorough background check. This is predominantly done while
  • collaborating with other NGOs.
Fulfils 6 SDG goals defined by United Nations
  • Goal 1 – No Poverty
  • Goal 4 – Equitable Quality Education and Learning Opportunities For All.
  • Goal 5 – Empower All Women and Girls.
  • Goal 8 – Sustained, Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth, Full and Productive Employment and Decent Work For All.
  • Goal 9 – Foster Innovation.
  • Goal 12 – Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns.

Environmental Awareness

  • The weaving looms involve zero machinery making this a completely non-mechanised zero-carbon emission manufacturing model.
  • We Discourage fast fashion and focus on creating high-utility products having multiple uses.
  • Minimise wastage and encourage people to reuse and recycle our products.
  • All products use natural raw materials and are 100% biodegradable.
  • We follow zero plastic policy For packaging and product development.
  • All our products are Biodegradable.