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Support The Program

Let Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Truly Matter.
Come join us as we make this CSR activity more special: special for you and for me, and for all those in the hope for a better livelihood. At Project 1000, we aim to spread love through the carefully handmade products by our women. We aim to spread harmony through the relationships we have nurtured in our community. Above all, your pledge to handhold the vulnerable in their entrepreneurial journey will instil hope: hope for a better future and standard of living.

We are glad to acquire corporate sponsorship for our program. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to emphasize corporate citizenship and promote your company’s approach to a community initiative. We are also open to donations: donations in the form of cash, kind, and time!

Feel free to connect with us digitally or personally if you prefer. A small step forward by you will go a long way in creating a difference in our women’s lives and empowering them for a better tomorrow.
Our Two Month Training Program
Product Development : consists of learning to handle the wooden loom and the hosiery yarn and be able to weave small and large articles. Colour combination and design elements are taught in detail with special emphasis on quality control. Creative freedom is given to each participant to access their talent and bring out the best in every individual. The astounding results are visible on multiple levels. From team building to developing a kinship with their profession and more importantly in the perfect products they are able to handcraft.
Sales & Marketing : consists of soft skill training and personality development by encouraging fieldwork. We try to participate in multiple trade shows, fairs and events wherein the women are encouraged to take the lead and interact with customers to sell their products. This activity hugely benefits them on multiple levels such as :
  • Getting first hand feedback from customers
  • Being able to confidently converse with city folks
  • A chance to improve on their design and manufacturing abilities.
  • To embark upon a journey of self employment
  • A chance to take a respectable place in society by being a productive member of the community.

Batch Size: 20 ladies per program
Batch Duration: 2 month training split into 2 modules of 1 month each. Product Development and Sales & Marketing.

Articles Taught and Developed by Rural Women: Floor Rugs, Floor Mats, Table Mats, Shopping
bags, Backpack Bags, Pouches, Laptop Bags, iPad Bags, Cushions, Throw Quilt, Planters,
Shoes, Table accessories.

Target Beneficiaries : Rural women in Murbad and surrounding villages
*Note: This does not include lodging & boarding or transportation cost (to & fro) from our end. These facilities can be outsourced from local vendors.

Fund Raise Through Sales And Gifting

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew.
For us at PROJECT 1000, visibility has become key to helping more women to get a chance to put their creativity out in the world. Here’s where good people like yourselves come into play. If you believe that rural women should get a shot at entrepreneurship (given how talented and dedicated they are) and in the need of using sustainable products (to create a greener planet), we request you to popularise our program in your circles through talk shows and seminars. This will help us get the much-needed eyeballs. Join hands with us to participate in the journey of giving. Facilitate our growth through the marketing and sales of our products. This is possible by participating in seasonal or popup fairs, trade shows and other social events held in your cities around the year. Volunteer with us and help shed light on the stories of all the enterprising women earning a livelihood through Project 1000.
In the spirit of creating a necessary positive change, we discourage the concept of ‘vanilla charity’ and encourage people to purchase products produced by our talented women. In addition to supporting the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, this initiative will boost development in the underprivileged community. By selling self-made products, our women will feel empowered to strive continually. We urge you to join us in BEING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE and making every festive season more valuable through mindful gifting.
Team Project 1000 is happy to customize orders and incorporate branding messages. We seek to making the process of gifting/shopping a unique and personalized experience. We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Host A Workshop

Project 1000 would be happy to conduct an interactive session where a few of our artisans would come from the village & demonstrate the techniques & make live products on-site. This would be a day event & could be done from 11.00 am until 16.00 pm. We can set up a Pop-Up store on-site to give your people a bespoke retail experience by making available our range of home decor & lifestyle articles which are handwoven by rural women. This would be an educational and a recreational activity. The best part being that all the raw material is certified functional & sustainable and is up cycled to create wonderful products. All this falls in line with our environmental protection and sustainability policy.
Note: All travel, lodging and boarding expenses need to be covered by the host.

Visit Our Workshop In The Village In Murbad

Would like to invite our esteemed patrons to come and spend a day with our weavers at our workshop in the village of Murbad which is about 100 km from Bombay. The scenic drive through the countryside takes 3hrs one way from Mumbai city centre.
Schedule –
  • Depart at 7.30 am
  • Arrive in Murbad at 10.00 am
  • Stretch your legs and enjoy the home-cooked Indian breakfast (rice Poha/Upma, Desi eggs from our own poultry farm and tea/coffee)
  • 10.30 am Visit the workshop and understand the concept
  • At this time we also encourage you all to make small mats under the supervision of our weavers. This not only supports community building but also gives you a chance at exploring your creative side.
  • At 12.30 pm have home-cooked Indian lunch (chapatti, dal, rice & Indian style Vegetables)
  • At 1.30 pm Departure from Murbad.
  • 4.30 pm Arrive at your home
It will be our honour and privilege to host you all.
Note: There is no fee for this event. We do request all participants to arrange for their own vehicle for the entire duration. This social tourism thrives on your generosity.