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In a world which is moving towards creating products that are SUSTAINABLE, the Indian textile, fashion and home decor industry is rapidly picking up pace and rubbing shoulders with their global peers.


PROJECT 1000 takes immense pride in being firmly rooted in the soil of sustainability when it comes to being a producer of Home and Lifestyle products. Along with this we endeavor to popularise sustainable living. In recent years we have witnessed multiple natural disasters and epidemics, including the COVID pandemic that put the spotlight on saving the environment.
We at PROJECT 1000 consider taking a holistic approach to achieve a truly sustainable product. For this we follow the bottom up sequence wherein our raw material is made from sustainable hosiery fabric which forms the basis of the fabric yarn we use to handcraft every product.
  • All the fabric we use is either 100% natural cotton or 100% Sustainable and Functional fabric.
  • Some of the fabric is processed using 100% Natural Herbal Dyes.
  • All our Hosiery Fabric Yarn is obtained from salvages from the factories.
  • This is our approach of UPCYCLING, where we creatively reuse the factory wastage to create aesthetic, usable and high quality Home Decor and Lifestyle products.
In our quest of trying to promote sustainable living, we at PROJECT 1000, wish to encourage people to indulge in Responsible Shopping and Responsible Gifting. We wish for customers to support small businesses that empower rural artisans . This would encourage skill development, and more importantly result in GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT which is the first step towards alleviating poverty. It not only builds a socially and psychologically healthier community, but also generates a positive economic impact. This is our definition of TOTALLY SUSTAINABLE LIVING where people aim to use products that are sustainably made using natural or reusable raw materials and be a part of a socially sustained community.


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