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Step into comfort with our handwoven indoor shoes, crafted with sustainable materials and made by the talented hands of backcountry women. Say goodbye to heavy, bulky footwear and hello to the lightweight, breathable design of these shoes. The stretchable quality of natural cotton and hosiery fabric conforms to your feet, providing a snug and cozy fit that feels like you’re wearing socks. Perfect for all seasons, these eco-friendly shoes offer a more form-fitting, comfortable experience. So why settle for less? Treat your feet to the ultimate comfort and style with our handwoven indoor shoes!

Size starting from 10” (25 cm) in Length, and 5” (13 cm) in width. Beautiful securing tie-ups on the top for better closure and grip. STRETCHABLE to fit all adult sizes

* Handwoven by rural women on wooden looms under the Gainful Employment Program.
* Upcycled using Cotton and sustainable hosiery material.
* High standards of quality control ensuring durability, vibrant colours, and tight knitting.
* All proceeds go to rural female artisans
* Easy to maintain: machine washable at home

Please bear in mind that all the products are handmade and a slight variation in size may occur. This is the aesthetic charm of the artisanal
product. A slight colour variation could be due to photography and browsers.

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Indoor Shoes - Green Shades

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